City of Aurora Pool

The City of Aurora Pool has been a much loved community facility since 1967!  Unfortunately, our pool has outlived its useful life, and has become too expensive to maintain.

The Aurora City Council has agreed to finance $2.5 million dollars towards the project, but unfortunately we do not believe this is enough to provide the full cost of the project.

And so the City of Aurora Pool Committee is working to fundraise $1,000,000 to benefit this project.

This page will highlight progress of construction and fundraising progress with the goal to complete our project of Summer 2022!

Check out possibilities for our Dream Pool!

The City of Aurora has come together in the past to build the pool, check out its Previous Call to Action Letter!

Every dollar earned is a drop of water filling the City of Aurora's Dream Pool, and every drop matters.  Donations can be made at the Aurora Recreation Community Center, 404 Green Blvd with cash, check or credit, 

or donate online today!

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Pool Concept Plans

While these are not firm plans, take a look at what might be!