ARCC Facility Rentals

ARCC Gymnasium:     Full Gym $45/hour  Half Gym $25/hour

Activity Center:           $25/hour  (flat $25 with Gym Rental)

Group Fitness Room: $25/hour

Office for rent:            $300/month

City of Aurora Park Facility Rentals

Clayton Batchelor Pavilion:     Weekend $350  Weekday $175

Civic Center:                             Weekend $160   Weekday $80

Round Barn:                              Weekend $50    Weekday $25

Contract & Payment

At the time of reservation, information will be taken and a contract will be initiated. A deposit of $50 of the rental is due within 7 days of reservation being made.  Payments can be made online, or in the form of cash, cashier's check, money order, or personal check must be returned with the completed contract to the Director of Parks at the Aurora Recreation Community Center in person or by email, mail, or dropped off in person, at least ten days prior to the scheduled date.  Checks should be made out to City of Aurora.  Refunds will be allowed if given a month's notice of cancellation.

Fire & Camping

Open flames are not permitted in the park at any time. All food preparation must be done using the equipment provided by the rented building. Overnight camping is not permitted in the park at any time.

Director of Parks Contact information:

Denise Rose  812.926.2311

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