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Answers to frequent questions we receive regarding rentals
Q.     I've submitted a request, what happens now?
A.      Your request will be reviewed and either confirmed or denied within 1 business day.   You will receive this answer via email to the email that was submitted with the request.  You will also receive an invoice email and rental agreement email at this time.  Invoices can be paid in person at the Community Center, or online via credit card.
Q.     What are the addresses to the Park Buildings?
A.    ARCC 404 Green Blvd
       Aurora Aquatic Center 244 City Park Circle
       Civic Center 266 City Park Circle
       Pavilion 233 City Park Circle 

       Round Barn 262 City Park Circle
All are Aurora, IN 47001 addresses
Q.    Will I get my down payment back if I cancel? 
A.    You will, as long as it is before 30 days prior to your rental.  When you hold a reservation date, you are preventing someone else from renting, and within 30 days before your rental, the likelihood of the building being rented again is rare.  


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