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Pool Event Calendar

we are now accepting rentals for the 2023 Season.  

Rates for renting our pool are $300 per night.

 Non profit rate $200  *must show proof of current 501c3 stats. Effective immediately, Non-profit groups will be limited to one reduced rate rental per season.  Any additional rentals will be at full price.

Times will be 6-8p.  Only one pool party will be booked each night.  Renters must pay 25% of the rental in 7 days to keep their reservation.  Final payment will be due 10 days prior to the rental.

Pool Rental Cancellation Policy

In the event inclement weather hits on the day of a pool party, notice must be received by 4pm a full refund will be issued.


If not cancelled before 4, the pool will have to retain and pay staff that would ordinarily be able to go home.  Therefore, Aurora Parks will issue ½ of the cost of the rental, provided there was less than 45 minutes of swim time allowed.

If more than 45 minutes of swim time was achieved, we will issue no refund. The Aurora Aquatic Center Pool Manager will have full discretion to determine

when the pool will or will not be safe to open.

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