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The City of Aurora is offering a special Memorial Tribute Sponsorship package for our community members to honor loved ones or services.

Park bench prices vary depending on Market Conditions, and current range from $1,500-$1,800.

All benches will require approval of location, and details from the City of Aurora.

Orders will not be made until the City receives payment in full for benches.  When a request has been received, an online invoice will be emailed to the address on the form.

City of Aurora Requirements:

1.  On site meeting with the sponsoring party to determine the location and layout. 

     *City Manager will approve site guidelines, park location and bench placement and layout in accordance with                Master Parks & Recreation planning.

2.  Ensure payment is received to the City of Aurora.

3.  Upon Payment, the city will place order as part of a required 4 minimum custom items special order.

4.  Coordinate timeline for delivery and installation with the City of Aurora Parks and Recreation Department.

5.   Preparation and installation of the concrete pad for park bench or swing placement.

6.   City will pay for the delivery fee, gravel, concrete and on site prep materials.

Sponsor Requirements:

1.   Must submit payment to the City of Aurora

2.   City approved park bench/swing plaques located on the back rest or memorial stones placed in the concrete are         the sponsor's responsibility.  the city retains approval authority over the content of the tribute.  City Manager will         approve plaque design materials, tribute wording and placement.  Sponsor is to ensure additional plaque or memorial stone is ordered immediate and given to the City Manager prior to the installation of the concrete pad or park bench order.  Stewart Iron Works, bench creator, offers custom bronze plaques.  Jonas Memorial in Harrison offers limestone or quartz stones.  References available upon request.

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