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Volleyball Skills Clinics

1 hour weekly clinics focused on skill work.  Created to allow volleyball players to focus on skills and technique, and grow their confidence in the fantastic sport of Volleyball!  $5/class, come to the classes you can!  Clinics are low pressure, with an emphasis an growth - and fun!
Coached by Denise Rose

3rd through 5th grade 
6th through 8th grade 

Due to people reserving spots and not using them, we are now going to book a month at a time, and require payment for all classes up front.  There will not be refunds for classes within the month missed.  Classes will still be $5 a class, and included in membership.  Members please contact Denise Rose to get signed up.
We appreciate your patience as we find the best way to fairly reserve sessions with high demand!

 To make sure you have a spot, we advise you to reserve a spot for the month.  If we have spaces available we will let people pay by the day, but if we reach our cap, you will be turned away.

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