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Most area residents commonly refer to the Community Center Building as the "Old Aurora High School."  This was Aurora's third and final high school building located on US 50.  This structure was built as a high school in 1934 and welcomed its first students in May, 1935.  It was more than just a high school, and proudly stated its role as Aurora's Community Building on the south end of the building.  In 1937, the waters of the Ohio River did the impossible, flooding the lower level of the building when the river crested at 82.3 feet on January 25, 1937.

The last class to graduate from Aurora High School was the Class of 1978.  the fall of 1978 Aurora High School students joined students from Moores Hill and Dillsboro to become the South Dearborn High School.  This school was located outside of Aurora on SR 350 where it remains today.  Also, in the fall of 1978, Aurora students grades 5 through 8 moved from the Aurora Elementary School Building to the "Old Aurora High School" as the Aurora Middle School.  In October 1997, a fire in the building caused these students to temporarily be moved to the South Dearborn High School for 5 or 6 weeks while workers quickly worked to make repairs.  1997-1998 was the last year for the Aurora Middle School in the building.  In the fall of 1998, the Aurora Middle School grades seven and eight move to their new building located on SR 350 next to the South Dearborn High School.  They were joined by seventh and eighth grade students from Manchester, Moores Hill, and Dillsboro.  Grades four, five and six returned to Aurora Elementary School.

The "Old Aurora High School" reverted back to the City of Aurora in 1999.  The original intention of the repurposed building included Senior Citizen Apartments.  However, in January 2000, there was a second, more intensive fire to the original building leaving the shell to basically be "rebuilt."  The 1969 annex was able to be saved. 

At the request and urging of citizens following public hearings within the City of Aurora, the Aurora Recreation Community Center (ARCC) was established to provide community, fitness, and cultural enrichment programs to benefit people of all ages.

To date, over 1,300 members and countless visitors have experienced memorable life events at the ARCC which continues to be well-received by the community.

Welcome to the Aurora Recreation Community Center!

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