Progressive Euchre Tournament Rules

The Game:


Euchre is a card game, and is played with a deck of 24 cards (9 through Ace in each suit).


The game is played with four (4) people who make up two (2) teams (partners sit across from one another). The object of the game is for a team to be the first to score ten (10) points. One (1) game will be considered a match.


The game consists of hands of five (5) cards per player, and points are awarded to the team which gets at least 3 out of 5 tricks. A hand consists of three (3) events:


1.    Bidding


After dealing five (5) cards to each player, the 21st card is turned up and placed on the remaining three (3) cards. This is called the "upcard." This represents the initial choice for trump. At this point the bidding begins. Once a trump is chosen, the hand is played out. The team which takes at least three tricks scores points and a new hand is dealt.


The first round of bidding - in the order of the deal, players may select the "upcard" as trump or pass.


The second round the players may select any other suit as trump or pass. If no player elects the trump the second round, the dealer must choose trump. This is called "hanging the dealer” or the more popular “screw the dealer”.


If a player believes s/he can take all five (5) tricks without any aid from his/her partner, s/he may elect to 'play it alone'. If the player takes all five tricks, the team scores four (4) points instead of two (2). If only 3 or 4 tricks are taken, only 1 point is scored.


2.    The Play


Once the trump has been chosen, play begins and the team that called the trump must take at least three tricks. If they do not, they have been Euchred and the opposing team is awarded two (2) points.


Rules of Play


The lead suit must be followed, if possible. If a player cannot follow suit, s/he may trump the trick. Highest card played leads the next trick.


The Grand Order of Trump is as follows: Jack of Trump, Jack of Sister Suit (same color as trump), Ace, King, Queen 10, 9 of trump in order Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9 in all other suits

Trump takes any other suit.

3.    Scoring

In order to score points, a team must take at least three (3) tricks. For the calling team:

3 - 4 tricks (1 point)

5 tricks (2 points)

(0 points for 0 - 2 tricks)


For the Euchring team:

3 - 5 tricks (2 points)

(0 points for 0 - 2 tricks)


Player 'Alone':

5 tricks (4 points)

3 - 4 tricks (1 point)


Tournament Play:


  This is a singles tournament. You sign up as an individual. It is progressive play.

  On the day of the tournament, you will be given a score card and will be assigned a number.

  On the score card you locate your number under “Round 1” to get your table assignment for that round.

  You will be matched up with a partner for that round.

  For each round, each player deals one hand. You are acting as a team with the partner that was assigned

  to you for that round.

  After each players has dealt one hand, you take the total points you and your partner won and this is your

  total for “Round 1”

  Once all tables are done with Round 1, you then will move to the designated table listed under Round 2.

  Here you will be matched up with another partner and play continues as it did it Round 1.

  The number of rounds in a progressive tournament is dependent on the number of people who participate

  in the tournament.

  Once all rounds are complete, you add up your total points from all the rounds, and the person with the

  top  amount of points is the tournament champion.

About Progressive Play:


Progressive Euchre Tournaments are a fun way to play the game of euchre where everyone is on an even playing level. You are partnered with every person in the tournament once.


Progressive play eliminates any one set of partners from rolling over the competition and also keeps it fair in regards to“crossboarding”. (Having discreet signals with your partner to denote what you are holding in your hand) Lastly, progressive play is a great way to socialize and meet people.